Wave & Particle delivers exclusive light installations based on natural phenomena.

From a scientific point of view, light can be seen both as a particle and a wave. This duality, between tangible and immaterial, is embedded into our dynamic light and color installations. Each installation offers a unique color range varying in space and time.


The “Color of the Day” series offers an ever-changing hue of light and texture. Based on optical filters, every design is unique in colors and patterns. These glass and aluminum object comes in a range of 20 to 40cm diameter.

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Interior design

With their ever-changing light and colors, the W&P artworks can be easily integrated into exclusive interior design projects.  Ranging from SPA’s to private interiors, the color palette and composition can be custom tailored to every atmosphere.

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Light installations

The impact of the Wave & Particle artworks become truly mesmerizing with these large-scale kinetic art installations. Every artwork is designed with a space and artistic intention in mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for a brainstorm.

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Born from the common artistic interest of Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly, Wave & Particle is a design practice based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Thomas Vailly


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